Tokyo Tokyo promotional video honored at the 2nd Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival

The video work “Strolling Through Tokyo: Where Ancient and Modern Meet,” which promotes tourism in Tokyo and was directed by Saera Jin, a member of the video production department at L’union Publications, has won second place for Tourism Services in the Japan Competition at the 2nd JAPAN WORLD’S TOURISM FILM FESTIVAL.

Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival” aims to promote regional revitalization projects using tourism video content, and the second annual event was held on Thursday, February 27 and Friday, February 28, 2020 at the Umeda Campus of the Osaka Institute of Technology.

The second-place winner “Strolling Through Tokyo: Where Ancient and Modern Meet” was a campaign in cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolis, Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau, and the Asahi Shimbun Company, and the video was produced by L’union Publications.

The award-winning video, “Strolling Through Tokyo: Where Ancient and Modern Meet” is designed to promote the attractions of Tokyo to China. It was produced by L’UNION PUBLICATIONS, INC. for the joint promotion “Tokyo Tokyo Old meets New” campaign with The Asahi Shimbun Company, Tokyo, and the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau, which handles Tokyo tourism PR. The work features the female entertainer, Ron Monroe, who is well known both in China and Japan. It received a total of over 2.8 million views in the first month after being released on Chinese SNS and video sites.

「体味东京 漫步古今 / Strolling Through Tokyo: Where Ancient and Modern Meet」(External link)

About the Work
Chinese Title (Simplified): “体味东京 漫步古今”
(English Title: Strolling Through Tokyo: Where Ancient and Modern Meet)
Director: Saera Jin
Production: 2018 / Approx. 7 minutes / Chinese

Director Saera Jin also served as a panelist in a discussion at the Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival, representing the few female directors in exchanging opinions about the trend in tourism films in Japan and worldwide and the productions of videos for regional revitalization. Panelists included Alexander V. Kammel, the director of CIFFT, the world’s largest tourism film festival network, and Mitsutoshi Tanaka, a film director.

The Director’s Forum panel discussion

About the Director

Saera Jin (Saera Jin)
An award-winning Japanese female director. Born in Tokyo, moved to England in her teens and majored in fashion photography at the University of the Arts London. After working for fashion magazines including Vogue and Marie Claire from Tokyo and London, she moved on to video production. She studied film production at the Raindance film school and Brunel University Graduate School in England.
Saera Jin’s short films were listed at the Short Film Corner of the 2013 and 2014 Cannes International Film Festivals. Nominated for Best Comedy at the ASFF Short Film Festival in England. Awarded “Directors Award 2019” at the Zagreb Tourfilm Festival in Croatia.

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At L’union Publications, our portfolio includes video production for a major transportation system for visitors from overseas, production for a major retailer, and more in addition to tourism promotion videos for the Tokyo Metropolis. Our work is not limited to the Japanese language. We produce video in English, Chinese, and other languages, and we also produce websites.

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